This article has been written for illustrative purposes only and has no legal value. We recommend that you consult with a professional in order to ensure that your practices are compliant with the applicable legal provisions. Find the full text here.


Before you can use the features presented in this article, it is vital that you first activate the GDPR option in LeadFox by following this link: How to activate the GDPR option in LeadFox. You must also first use the LeadFox GDPR form so as to obtain proof of your clients’ explicit consent.

Communicate only with contacts who have given their consent

LeadFox has added a new category in the conditions section of its automation module called “Email Preferences.”  This new category now allows you to select email preferences in relation to the explicit consent given by your contacts and your clientele.

Therefore, by selecting “Opt-in” in “Email Preferences,” only those contacts whose status is “opt-in” for the email category selected will receive email(s) originating from your LeadFox automation.

The “undefined” option will take into account all of your contacts who had never unsubscribed from your lists prior to the implementation of the GDPR in LeadFox.

The “opt-out” option allows you to create lists of contacts who have officially unsubscribed.


LeadFox will not allow you to send emails to contacts with an “opt-out” status, regardless of the nature of the automation you have created.

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