This article has been written for illustrative purposes only and has no legal value. We recommend that you consult with a professional in order to ensure that your practices are compliant with the applicable legal provisions. Find the full text here.

Before you can use the features presented in this article, it is vital that you first activate the GDPR option with LeadFox by following this link: How to activate the GDPR option with LeadFox.

Create a LeadFox form containing GDPR-related consent

Whether this form is intended for your landing page, a pop-up, or for a LeadFox form built into your website, the overall process is the same.  That being said, as you create a form, a new option will be available to you via the “Opt-in Field - GDPR consent” header. You will need to activate this option.

By activating this feature, LeadFox will display your organization’s consent request text and email categories. This text (which can be edited) and these categories (which you can select and remove) will be displayed at the bottom of the form for your clients to see. Please adapt both according to your needs and the context, all whilst maintaining GDPR compliance.

Adapt the LeadFox GDPR form to match your color scheme and formatting

Once your form is filled in, you can adjust the font, color, font size, etc., using the various options available in LeadFox.

And voilà! All you have left to do is publish it and LeadFox will offer your clients all of the necessary options for obtaining their explicit consent.

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